Anti-bullying & Friendship

Helping young people of all ages to fully understand the subject of bullying.
From what it is and why is happens to getting help and overcoming it and everything else in between.

Online Safety

Allowing young people to safely navigate themselves through their rapidly growing digital lives.

Peer-2-Peer Mentoring

Training pupils within schools to become Stay Safe Mentors, positive role models and invaluable members of their own school communities.

Boyz – 2 – Men

Helping today’s boys and young men look ahead to be tomorrow’s positive role models.

Stranger Awareness

A realistic and up-to-date approach to the old outdated (and ineffective) Stranger Danger message. Keep children safe in a supervision free environment.

Personal Safety

Teaching our community how to stay safe at all times while out and about. Looking at the prevention of harm as well as teaching simple and effective strategies on how to escape danger.

Virtual Learning

Bringing what we deliver to a face to face audience, into the digital world. Delivering live, fully interactive virtual sessions either straight into the classroom, workplace or home.

Preparing today's young people for a safer tomorrow