About us

In 2013, following many years of working with local young people through martial arts, self-protection as well as life skills training, Richard Pomfrett created ‘Stay Safe! Workshops’. His vision was to help educate and protect as many young people as possible on the subjects of bullying and abduction prevention. It was by starting off working closely with a handful of local schools, that gave him the opportunity to develop and create such unique and effective programmes for both.

Since 2013 Richard’s passion for his work as pushed him to continually evolve and shape ‘Stay Safe! Workshops’ to fit the needs of young people today.
It is through these specialised and unique sessions, that we aim to educate as many young people as possible. Raising awareness and passing on vital skills and knowledge at key stages in their development and helping prevent them from becoming part of the future dire statistics.

The Birth of The Stay Safe Initiative.cic

In 2019 ‘Stay Safe! Workshops’ become ‘The Stay Safe Initiative’. To further benefit the community in which we work, we made the decision to take our work from the private sector into the public sector. By doing this, we aim to take the valuable work we do with young people, into building stronger relationships with everyone we work as well as giving us scope to grow and play a bigger role within the community.

Growing with the times, The Stay Safe Initiative continues to works with young people on the original subjects of Bullying and Abduction Prevention (Stranger Awareness) but now also provides relevant Internet Safety advice as well as training up many young people within schools to be Stay Safe! Mentors (possibly to become future members of #teamstaysafe themselves one day).

As times move forward we continue to evolve and stay relevant ensuring we are delivering the best, most up-to-date education on the subjects we now specialise in.

Our work


The majority of our work comes through education. We run interactive workshops, assemblies and presentations for all ages groups within primary and secondary schools.

These live sessions can be delivered either on site (within schools etc) for a face to face audience or remotely to allow us to reach a virtual audience. Either way, all sessions and fully interactive and involve both mental and physical participation including role-play, fun activities and challenges.

We feel this is by far the best, most effective way of educating our audience. It’s only by fully understanding a subject that people can then make the correct decisions independently to keep them safe throughout all aspects of their lives.

Positive Projects

To further help the community we have decided to take the work we do within schools, outside of school.

We have devolved a range of positive projects designed to work with groups  of various ages.  These projects help us work with a larger number of young people and are always open to parents and carers completely free of charge.

We can also tailor these sessions to fit the communities needs at that time.

On Going Support

Even though our work can often tick lots of boxes for the schools and groups we work with, we are most certainly here to look at the bigger picture.

We are here to benefit the people we work with and to allow us to do that as effectively as possible we are always looking to build bigger, better and stronger relationships with the people we work with. We do that by always being there to provide extra help and advice as well as talks and presentations for parents.

Virtual Learning

To adjust to the ever changing way people work, learn and communicate, we have also made changes in how we are able to reach our audience.

Our live virtual presentations allow us to not only reach a much wider audience than we can through our face to face work, but also gives schools another option of  how we deliver our sessions to their pupils.

These live, fully interactive virtual sessions can be delivered either straight into the classroom or to pupils and parents at home.

Meet the team!

Richard Pomfrett

Founder, head instructor and the driving force behind ‘The Stay Safe Initiative’. Passionate and focused on our mission of educating and protecting young people.

Niki Pomfrett

Your first point of contact. Originally our workshop co-ordinator, Niki’s role has now branched into researching new and exciting ways to work with and benefit  the community.

Chrissie Knight

Chrissie has an extensive background in working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children, through a long career in teaching and emotional & wellbeing support work.