KS1 – Becoming a Digital Hero

Designed at providing some simple but effective steps younger people can take as they are starting on their digital journey, while unsupervised.

60min session

Yr3-4 – Building a Digital Tool-kit

Providing young people with a set of tools they can use and apply to all aspects of their growing digital lives.

90min session

Yr5-6 – Taking Control of my Digital Life

Helping young people understand just how easy it is to take full control of their digital lives.

Half day session

The Digital Empowerment Programme – Yr7

 Helping newcomers to secondary school manage their rapidly growing digital lives.

90min session

The Digital Empowerment Programme – Yr9

 Empowering teenagers to make healthy choices online.

90min session

Parents & Carers

Giving parents and carers the confidence and knowledge to effectively support their young people through their growing digital lives.

Live Presentations & Video Series

Staff Training

Allowing teaching and support staff to better identify and prevent online risks to pupils.

2hr Interactive session

Helping young people navigate through their digital journey!