Community Interest

Always working for the interests of the community.

Life Skills

Providing real life skills and training directly to the young people we work with.

About us

The Stay Safe initiative is a not for profit company set up to help educate and protect young people. Providing relevant, up to date education through engaging, workshops, assemblies, presentations and projects for age groups ranging from primary and secondary level education through to colleges, universities and the workplace.

Anti-Bullying & Friendship

Stranger Awareness

Online Safety

Stay Safe! Mentors

Personal Safety

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Having a positive impact on young people's overall mental health and wellbeing.
We provide the self-confidence, skills and tools to meet today's world head on!

What we do…

We are always developing new exciting projects and innovative ways of educating and protecting the people we work with.


We provide a range or workshops, assemblies and presentations for all age's

Positive Projects

Taking what we do in schools, outside of school. Running fun, exciting positive projects covering all the subjects we specialize in.

On going support

We are always looking at building long term relationships with the schools and organizations we work with, providing ongoing help and support where possible for all.

Forming partnerships

As a community interest company, we are open to working with and alongside other social enterprises and charities.

Help us help them.

Whether you want us to work for you, with you or you just want to help us reach more people.

What our community have to say...

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Preparing today's young people for a safer tomorrow