Virtual Learning

To adjust to the ever changing way people work, learn and communicate, we have also made changes in how we are able to reach our audience.

Our live virtual presentations allow us to not only reach a much wider audience than we can through our ‘On Location’ work, but also gives schools another option of  how we deliver our sessions to their pupils.

These live, fully interactive virtual sessions can be delivered either straight into the classroom, workplace or pupils and parents home. 

Currently these  sessions have been designed and formulated to deliver all of our Anti-bullying and Internet Safety presentation, as well as our Stay Safe Mentor training.

Ranging from early years in primary, all the way through to secondary and beyond (including parent and carer sessions).

Always run in a safe, secure environment for all attendees and can be delivered on a range of virtual digital platforms.

Depending on the target audience, our virtual sessions can run from 60 – 90 mins.   Always allowing enough time for extra questions and comments throughout.

Following every session, all attendees will receive follow on resources to help them and everyone within their family to Stay Safe and be Awesome!

Richard your virtual presentations have been spot on. You are engaging and an expert in your field. It was great to see the older children’s knowledge coming through about staying safe online. This is testament to the partnership you have built with the school over the years and what they have taken on board. I enjoyed the format and there was a good mix of questioning and information. I particularly liked the visuals and as always your positivity and professionalism shine through. I have received some positive feedback from parents already. Thank you Richard for all your hard work and support. I am more than happy to recommend you to the other local Heads.
Head Teacher Feedback.
Crudwell Primary, Wiltshire.

Connecting virtually with our audience regardless of location!