Keep Safe! Women's Safety

Just like the young people we work with, women unfortunately can find themselves in vulnerable and sometimes dangerous situations.  This workshop has been designed to help educate women (of all ages) to not only understand the potential threat of danger, but also how to avoid it and if needed to, escape from it!

Helping to empower women by giving them the confidence, skills and tools to always Stay Safe! Personal safety is not just about learning physical skills to protect yourself from a potential attacker, but also understanding how danger can arise and how to put strategies in place to prevent them from happening.

Topics Covered.

Understanding Dangerous Situations

Environment Awareness

Body Language

Avoiding Danger

The Mindset of an Attacker

Getting Help

Basic Self-Defence Strategies

Escaping From Danger

Confidence Building

Planning Ahead

Facing Fear

Session format: 2hr Workshop – Group Size: Min 10 people – Max 40 people

This interactive workshop involves both mental and physical participation

Empowering women to always Stay Safe!