Stay Safe Mentors


Our Mentor programmes aim to equip a small selected group of children within the school, with the skills to assist and help children that may feel vulnerable and alone in the playground.

As well as being able to spot signs of 'Bullying' our mentors will be there to act as a support network for children that may from time to time encounter various issues and problems that may arise in this environment. They will also promote equality in the playground by organising group games to include and encourage everyone to play and interact together.

We also provide schools a full and detailed 'Plan of Action' on how to run and maintain a long term successful pupil mentoring programme. As well as ongoing help and support, long after our visit.

Our awesome team of Stay Safe Mentors will also receive termly 'Mentor Missions' to carry out to promote friendship, kindness and positivity across the school.

Topics Covered.

What is a mentor?

I'm approachable & trustworthy

Helping others

Giving support

Looking out for others

Getting help


Becoming a 'Role Model'

Confidence building

Liaising with staff

Organising group games

Promoting equality in the playground

Session format: Half day session

This workshop involves both verbal and physical participation.

This session can be delivered both 'On Location' or 'Virtually' . Both methods are always live and fully interactive for the audience.


This session can be run during a half day visit.

Pupil support – Teacher support – School support!