A full look into the world of bullying, everything from what it is, why it happens, the damage in can cause all the way through to how to deal with face to face bullying and how to get help

Topics Covered.

Understanding bullying

The Imbalance of Power

Types of Bullying

Why Bully?

How does it feel?

The damage it leaves behind

Being different 

The impact of our actions

Facing unwanted interactions

Social, Verbal, Physical & Online Bullying

Getting Help and support

Looking out for others

Session format: Half day session

This session involves both verbal and physical participation.

This session can be delivered both 'On Location' or 'Virtually' . Both methods are always live and fully interactive for the audience.


This Yr5-6 session can be run during a half day visit

Or as part as a full Anti-bullying & Friendship Day (sessions for all year groups).

Become Bully-Proof with…..

The Stay Safe Initiative