Online Safety & Digital Citizenship

Follow on Resources


It was fantastic to recently visit your school. To help a bit more, please find below some follow on activities, resources, posters and school certificate to share with your class teachers.

Online Safety Top Tips

Please encourage your pupils to show what they’ve learnt and share their top online safety tips.

Friends Forever

Use the link below to help you pupils thing about the importance of kindness and what they look for in a friend.

Real Friends V’s Online Friends

Explore the difference between ‘real’ and ‘online’ friends.

Group Chat Ground Rule

Use this to encourage your pupils to think about acceptable behaviour and rules for their group chats.


Use this resource to have some classroom discussions around the online world and how it can influence us in both negative and positive ways. You can then use our poster templates for your children to share their ideas.

Online Challenges

This resource will allow you to have some classroom discussions around challenges that pop up from time to time online and help your children to use the valuable advice of STOP-THINK- DECIDE.

Find the fake!

Use the below resources to help your children think about and understand fake news.

Group quiz

Individual quiz

The Golden Rule.

Ask your pupils to show everyone who their trusted adults are, if they ever needed to use ‘The Golden Rule’.

School Certificate 

Please print off and display our school certificate in your reception to promote our valuable visit.


In addition, please find link attached to allow you to print off and put in around school some of our newly created school posters.


For your parent, carer community


Parenting in the Digital World – Resource pack

Lots of extra advice, tips and resources for your parent and carer community.

Parenting in the Digital World – Getting help Video

This short video comes from out 11 part ‘Parenting in the Digital World’ video series, made for Primary schools. This clip has been taken from our ‘Getting Help’ section.

Helping young people navigate through their digital journey!