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Parc Eglos Primary
Head Teacher
We would definitely like to book you again, thank you for asking, we really appreciate the opportunity of receiving this priority booking!!! Your workshops are always of high value to our children, they are fun, engaging and memorable. Your success is long lasting, staff and children refer back to the sessions throughout the year but also in the years that follow. Children often refer back to their experiences in the Stay Safe workshops. Thanks again, we will look forward to seeing you in November.
Yr 6 Teacher
Hi Richard, Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet in person. My name is Ben and I am a Year 6 teacher in the school (and a parent to boot!) I'd just like to say thank you very much for your time and expertise. Your session was wonderfully engaging, informative and exceptionally important. These are such important messages for all children with digital lives everywhere. I am thankful that there are people like you doing this work and I shall be recommending you in the highest possible terms whenever I get the chance. I think your approach is spot on and you are making a difference I'm sure, wherever you teach or present. Best wishes and thanks again, Ben.
Bradon Forest (Secondary)
Head Teacher
We are really grateful for the interactive and informative session that the SSI have provided for Bradon students. They are presented in a lively and fun way but convey the serious messages about online and digital safety in memorable sessions. The opportunity to offer a parent session backed up with quality resources and signposting to other useful websites , means that we are able to fulfil our commitment to the wider school community to educate them about a range of safeguarding issues.
Bradon Forest School (Secondary)
Head of Yr7
Hi Richard A belated but nonetheless heartfelt thank you for your presentations today. As ever, I was massively impressed with your messaging and also with the passion with which you delivered key messages. Hope we can work with you again- should we book in a date now for next year? Deb
shocklachoviatt Primary
Thank you Richard, that is brilliant! I just want to say that I was talking to one of the parents and want to share how she said your presentation was fantastic. She said the way that you spoke was really engaging, the information and examples you shared were really interesting and that the power point was really easy to watch and understand. Lots of parents who couldn't attend have asked about the information you've sent, so it is great that we can share this with them. Thank you again, kind regards, Rachel
Archbishop Benson Primary School
Year 5 Teacher
Dear Richard, Thank you for the workshop on Thursday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and using the language around it effectively. Just today a child came to tell me something and could discuss how they were not going to give the other person power. Best wishes for the rest of 2021. Year 5 Teacher
Fynamore Primary School
Yr4, Teacher
Dear Richard, Thank you for delivering engaging and memorable sessions for both our parents and children. My Year 4 class were buzzing when they came out of the hall and in our follow up discussion in class, they were able to remember so many of the important things you taught them. Thank you for the resources. I will organise for the parent resources to go out today and plan to use the other resources as part of Internet Safety Day next month. Thank you again, Kate
Rivermead Primary - Trowbridge
Yr6 Teacher
Rich did a brilliant job engaging the children in what could have been a tricky 3 hour online session. It did not feel like 3 hours and the children were engaged throughout. The content of his talks was age appropriate, interesting, non-judgemental and the integral points of the talk were creatively and effectively driven home. Rich was personable and polite, with a genuine interest in the children, the school and the content he was teaching. The technology and presentation side of things brilliantly supported the teaching, and clearly took a long time to put together. Rich even paid careful attention to his backdrop to ensure this was engaging and professional. I would thoroughly recommend this talk to other schools and would not hesitate about getting Rich back in to talk to the school even if it came with a cost.
Brinkworth Earl Danbry's CofE Primary
Yr6, Head Teacher
The only thing I want to say is how amazing it was. The children got a lot of well-structured and well thought out information and advice. The information was pitched and delivered at the right level and found a brilliant balance between being light hearted and informative. Given the opportunity we would love to use your services again. Pupils don’t often listen to teachers or parents when it come to online safety, but a well informaed and engaging host seemed to hit the mark. Thanks Chris Foster
Wansdyke Primary School Wiltshire
Ollie Yr6 Teacher
Richard, Thank you very much for the session. We loved the interactive nature of the session and the thought provoking messages that came from this. Could we book again for this time next year? Thanks again Ollie
St Marys C of E Primary Tetbury
Yr6, Head Teacher
Thanks from all of us at St Mary’s, Richard. You brought some great ideas and energy to our classes today! I shall print-out the PDF you have just sent. Have a fantastic Easter! Yours, Dave Tapley
Parenting in the Digital World (Evening parents session feedback snap shots)
Parents and Carers (Malmesbury Secondary school)
Thanks very much for the link Richard. I found your talk very useful and reassuring for a non-techy mum!++++Many thanks for the pack, we found the session very useful indeed - much appreciated.++++ That was really good advice for keeping children safe online. Thanks.++++ Thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoy your presentation. I'm not really up to speed with all this tech, but it's helped me to keep an eye on what my 3 boys are up to. Thank you very much.++++ Thanks for you talk, we are digesting the information - plenty of food for thought.++++ Brilliant content, thank you so much.++++ Thank you - very useful session - we watched it with our Yr9-Yr11 children and it prompted lots of open discussion. Fantastic session.
Nanpean Primary School
Matt Nicholls, Head Teacher
It was lovely to see you for another year, as always, and the feedback from the workshop was excellent. Definitely want to book you in again! 😊
St Marys CE Primary School (Purton)
Dani Bond, PSHE Lead
Hi Richard, Thank you for all you did yesterday - there have been echoes of the golden rule heard throughout the school over the past two days! One Y3/4 teacher has already replied with the following: Hey Dani, I hope you are well. The kids really enjoyed the sessions and behaved really well. Richard is great and the kids really like having a familiar face on Zoom. There were lots of opportunity for discussion which they loved. We look forward to working with you again in February! Thanks again,
Archbishop Benson CE Primary School
Lucy Whitford, Deputy Head
Dear Richard Thank you for today, it was an excellent morning! I have heard back from our Head Teacher and she would love us to book you again for next year’s Anti-Bullying week 😊 Great news! She was really impressed with the feedback from Y5 this year. Lucy
Parc Eglos School
Brett Dye, Head Teacher
Hi Richard Thank you once again for all you do for us. Working with Y5s is so crucial to us as we can maintain this for the children’s final two years, the work you do is such a key factor and has been for so many years. Thank you!
Mount Hawke Academy
Catherine Biddick, Head Teacher
Dear Richard Thank you so much too for your workshop yesterday. It was certainly a new way of working, but by all accounts a very supportive, helpful and informative morning. The children that I have spoken to gained a lot from it - the pitch and delivery and information was just right. The part of the session that I was in Class One for was excellent & made me reflect again on the fact that although our children are experts in using the internet, they are also very unaware of the risks. Well, they were! Yes please to booking you for next year! I hope that you & yours stay safe during this month in particular & we look forward to seeing you in 2021. Best wishes
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Malmesbury)
Mrs Sue Woods, Head Teacher
Dear Richard, A HUGE Thank you for the Anti bullying workshops you delivered last Friday. This was a perfect lead into Anti bullying week this week. The children were engaged and were able to talk about why bullying is such an unkind thing to do. They especially enjoyed the ‘Toothpaste challenge!’ Great activity to get the point across. It was also powerful for the children to hear the messages around Anti-bullying from an outside source, sending the same message as the school. The children talked in detail during their ‘bubble celebration assembly and many of them named it as their ‘WOW’ moment of the week! Many thanks
Malmesbury Primary School
Steve Heal, Head Teacher
Thank you so much for last Thursday. Internet safety is such an important part of children’s learning at the moment and your sessions have really helped to drive home the messages. We saw a big impact on the children and they got a great deal out of it. The live presentation worked very well to bring the interactive element to learning which children have missed so much. The teachers all said the children found your style of delivery very engaging. All the best. We'll see you again I'm sure.
Rosemellin Primary, Cornwall.
Helen Law Yr6 teacher
Thank you, Richard. The children loved the workshop and lots were keen to get involved. There were some important messages that I feel were really well presented and the children showed a good understanding of everything covered. Many thanks
Rosemellin Primary, Cornwall.
Tim Rice Yr6 Teacher
Hi Richard, Thanks again for another great session with our students. You always inspire them and get your message across clearly and effectively. Thanks Again, we're all looking forward to your Stay Safe Mentoring training.
Crudwell Primary School, Wiltshire.
Head Taecher
Richard your virtual presentations have been spot on. You are engaging and an expert in your field. It was great to see the older children’s knowledge coming through about staying safe online. This is testament to the partnership you have built with the school over the years and what they have taken on board. I enjoyed the format and there was a good mix of questioning and information. I particularly liked the visuals and as always your positivity and professionalism shine through. I have received some positive feedback from parents already. Thank you Richard for all your hard work and support. I am more than happy to recommend you to the Malmesbury Heads.
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Swindon.
Marie Ouldridge
Hi Richard Following your amazing Anti-bullying Day. We just had time this week for our school councillors in every class to tell us what they learnt and enjoyed from your assembly and workshop. This is the feedback from the children. General Understanding “Never bully – always tell an adult if you see or hear anything unkind.” “Bullying is when the same person is being mean to someone every day.” “Everyone is special.” We can use the Golden Rule. “Bullying is when someone keeps fighting.” “People never recover from bullying.” What We Enjoyed About the Anti-Bullying Workshops “It was fun and it made us laugh.” “It was funny when a child wore the big wig.” “I liked answering a question and going to the front of the hall.” “It was educational.” “I like the fact that it covered different types of bullying.” “It had fun challenges.” “We were told how to deal with bullying.” All members of Teaching Assistants and staff thought that you were amazing as you kept all the children focused very well in KS1 and KS2. Your powerpoints were set up very well and StaySafe sign posts were very good. We were delighted to see all the information you gave to the children and the questions and answers which really made them learn. Thank you so much and hopefully we will be able to have you back again
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Swindon.
Ks2 Teacher
Hi Richard, Thanks so much for today, you were brilliant and the children loved your workshop and assembly. Thank you for classroom follow on activities also, very helpful! We will get the school councillor children from each class to ask questions to their class about it and then pass on their feedback also. Again, thank you so much for an amazing Anti-bullying day.
Hilmarton primary school (Wiltshire)
Carla Garrett - Year 3/4 teacher
Hi Richard My class of year 3 and 4 children learned so much about how to define bullying and how to understand it in terms of an imbalance of power. The strategies you taught and modeled and that they were able to role play were really effective and I'm sure this could help anybody who find themselves in that kind of situation. I will definitely be building on and referring back to their workshop experience and learning and what you have taught and modeled will be massively helpful to me as a teacher, both in delivering future lessons and in responding to children who may find themselves in a situation that involves bullying. Many thanks
Malmesbury Secondary School
Ks3 Teacher
Hi Richard, I thought your Yr7 Internet safety talk was a huge success. The information is crucial for some of these children as some of them do not have parental supervision at home. Keep up the good work!
Happy Parent
Dear Stay Safe, I just wanted to personally thank you for working at my daughters school before the summer holidays. Not only did she enjoy your E-Safety workshop, but has used what she has learnt to help a family member dodge a very serious situation over the summer. While spending time with her 12 year old cousin over the holidays she noticed she was getting inappropriate DM's from unknown parties. She used your advice to not only identify that somethings not right, but to also help her and her family to prevent this from happening. Again, thank you, your courses have not only paid off for her but also another member of our family. Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Very happy parent!
Birdlip Primary School
Ks2 Teacher
Richard, we had such a good morning thank you so much! As teachers, what we liked about your bullying workshop was that you were very clear about getting the message across to the children. The emphasis about what bullying was and the difference between bullying and having a bad day was put very succinctly and on discussion afterwards, children understood this. The second point about what to do and why children are bullies was so child friendly and practical! Every child in the room was focused on you. Your ability to talk at the children's level and keep them interested was a delight to watch. I really feel that your workshop has made a difference to our children's attitude towards bullying. Thank you so much. We hope to see you soon for internet safety.
Carclaze Primary
Yr5 Teacher
"After 30 years of teaching and seeing tons of anti-bullying sessions, that was by far the best, most engaging and informative workshop I've ever seen! So, so valuable for young people".
Hillesley Primary School
Head Teacher
Thank you very much for our E safety day. The children were engaged and learnt a great deal about the internet and e safety. We will certainly be using your company again in the future. Head Teacher, Hillesley Primary (Gloucestershire)
Ben Davis (deputy head)
Hi Niki, Safer Internet Day was great, once again and we were really happy with the work Richard did. The EYFS teacher wanted to pass on her thanks and was really impressed with the mini workshop delivered for the Reception class children. Could I book a session for next year
Sandy Hill Primary
Yr5 Class Teacher
Hi Niki, A big thank you to yourself and Richard for the stay safe workshop. Year 5 had a fantastic day and are extremely excited about sharing the anti-bullying messages they have learnt to the rest of the school.
Parc Eglos Primary
Yr5 Teacher
"That was the best Anti-bullying session I've ever seen, thank you so much!"
Ann Edwards Primary
Yr6 Teacher
Hi Richard and Nikki, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today! Thank you for being so organised and adaptable prior to the event and throughout the day. The children absolutely loved the workshop. It was extremely informative and pitched at the perfect level. Many staff have commented on how enjoyable, yet factual it was. I’m so pleased the parent workshop was a success too. We will see you next year for a similar sort of event. Many thanks, Faye Sheldon
Trannack Primary
Ks2 Teacher
Hi Richard, Thank you for coming in. It was a great session and the children were all engaged. Several of the staff (including myself) thought the training was well pitched and engaging, but more than that- you came across as passionate, energetic and genuine. We did an acceptable use contract with the class after the sessions, and I was able to put most of the rules in context because of the training. Speak soon Richard. Martin
St Mary's C of E Primary, Purton
Head Teacher
Hi Richard, Whilst I wasn’t around when you visited earlier in the week; I have heard nothing but how great All the workshops and assembly were. The governors commented on how brilliant the parent workshop was too. Thank you for working with us at St Mary’s. Your descriptions of ‘bullying’ really help us to ensure that we deal with issues as well as we possibly can and can really highlight unacceptable behaviour to children. I hope we can continue to work with you in the future.
Rosemellin Primary
Tim Rice Yr6
Hi Richard and Niki, I hope you are well. I just wanted to update you and tell you that our stay safe mentors are doing an amazing job! They did their second assembly this morning to ks1 and ks2 and they are so enthused by their roles and the project.
Kehelland Village School
Head Teacher
Thanks Richard - The Stay Safe Workshop was comprehensive and, pitched at just the right level for the Year 4,5 & 6 group. Our teachers found it highly informative too. I can't thank you enough for tailoring your presentation to address the specific areas that we requested such as age restricted games and online messaging etc. I would highly recommend the Stay Safe Workshops! I am at a HT meeting for our trust on Wednesday and will mention your workshops to the Heads there.
Rosemellin Primary
Tim Rice Yr6
Hi Richard, Thank you for your work with our year 5 and 6 pupils over the last few weeks. The children have been so enthusiastic about both of the sessions that you delivered. You put across the messages in the first session very clearly and the fact that every child in year 6 then wanted to become a Stay Safe mentor shows how engaged they were with the project. The 8 children that we chose are full of enthusiasm for their roles and can’t wait to get started. I will be telling staff at tonight’s staff meeting about our new mentors and we will present them in assembly so that the children across the school are all aware. I particularly like the fact that you have given us the next steps to ensure that the project is successful in the future, and not just something that we do now and then forget. Thanks again for your professional approach and we all look forward to seeing you in the future. Many thanks, Tim
Crudwell Primary
Head Teacher
Dear Richard, You’ll be interested to hear that our ‘Stay Safe’ mentors were praised by the HMI who carried out an Ofsted inspection last week. She was very impressed by how highly the children talked about them.
Carclaze Primary
Sendco Lead
Dear Richard The new E-safe! workshop looks fantastic! On another note I was wondering whether you'd still be up for coming in to lead a short (15 min) assembly with our current stay safe mentors? I have to say they are doing a really fantastic job and have supported so many children with various issues. One or two in particular have responded so well to the program and have really flourished as a result.
Tywardreath School
Head Teacher
Hi Richard Thank you for your time today. Indeed we need to put a date in the diary re Mentor programme, it would suit us perfectly. Below are some comments from the staff and children re your wonderful workshops. Highly engaging! The children were given practical strategies to take forward with them! It was fun and enjoyable! Richard kept the children thoroughly engaged for the whole morning! A serious message was delivered in an accessible and inclusive way! Richard gave the children the opportunity to have a ‘safe space’ in which to reflect and ask questions! Our children are still talking about it weeks after! One of our children have made a book with ‘Richard ‘quotes in it e.g. ‘being different is natural’! It was appropriately gritty and attention grabbing!
Blackwater Primary School
Head Teacher
Dear Richard, I've spoken to our school council who were 100% positive about the afternoon and have had good feedback from staff and parents.
Paxcroft Primary (Wilts)
Gemma (PSHE lead)
Thank you for doing the workshop last week at Paxcroft on anti bullying. I have just met with some of the year 6 children who were at the workshop as part of my PSHE leadership time. I asked them for feedback and they said some great things about it! Some of their quotes were ‘ It was funny and interesting at the same time’ ‘ We understood the way he explained things to us’. ‘We understood it all, he was very clear’ . ‘It was amazing’. They enjoyed getting up and getting involved the most. They have just put together a little presentation to show the rest of the school about what they learnt from the workshop – they wanted to include the demonstration of the crumpled paper person and the toothpaste example! Thank you again
Ann Edwards Primary
Deputy Head
All the teaching staff and children thoroughly enjoyed your Stay Safe Anti-bullying Workshop last Friday. The children would love to give their feedback and have you return to Ann Edwards very soon. Feedback quotes: - “I liked it when you used games to explain your point” (Holly, 11) - “I liked your toothpaste challenge because it was funny and messy!” (Rylee, 10) - “Your workshop helped me understand what to do if I ever feel bullied!” (Emily, 10) - “At least now I will know if it’s bullying or just people being silly” (Phoebe, 11) - “I liked how you explained why people shouldn’t bully” (Natasha, 10) - “Now I know the different types of bullying – thank you!” (Jacob, 11) - “I liked the bright and jazzy colours of your posters” (Catherine, 10) - “I now know what to do when getting beaten up (normally my brother)!” (Keira, 11)
St Mary's Purton
PSHE lead
Just wanted to say another BIG, BIG thankyou from all here at St Mary's. Staff have been really complimentary about the sessions (I have included one email below!) and the children have given some really great feedback!
St Mary's Purton
Yr6 Teacher
Hi Danielle, I just wanted to thank you for organizing this. It really was EXCELLENT and really worth doing again! Richard was fantastic, from beginning to end - his messages were brilliantly pitched and presented and covered so many vital aspects of safety in an engaging way.
Shrewton Primary
Head Teacher
Dear Richard, The feedback so far has been extremely positive. The adults who were in during the session couldn’t speak highly enough of it. The children also found it useful – especially in helping to decide what was/wasn’t bullying. Thank you so much for a very worthwhile afternoon. Best wishes,
Support Worker
“I was very lucky to be able to attend one of Richard’s Stay Safe mentoring programme workshops. This session followed on from the Anti bullying workshop which was run the previous week, this meant that the prospective mentors had a really good grasp of what bullying was and who was at risk. The mentoring programme is very well structured, the training the children receive is thorough and well thought through. I can see this will really benefit a school and will aid in combating issues on the playground. It teaches the mentors what to look for but also how to respond appropriately. I also think that the mentors themselves will build resilience and develop effective techniques to be able to deal with issues that arise – excellent when preparing children for secondary school and raising self-esteem.. The programme allows children to share and contribute their thoughts and ideas, the sense of responsibility and being a role model for others seems to grab the children’s interest too. Overall, very worthwhile!”
Mylor Bridge
Yr5 Teacher
Richard, It was a fantastic afternoon yesterday and great to meet you. We revisited in class again briefly this morning with the photographs and Mr Lea asked some of the children to demonstrate a few role plays from yesterday in the whole school assembly. I also fed back to staff last night who were also really interested. This was a wonderfully informative, interactive and fun workshop which was delivered with great energy by Richard. The children were engaged solidly for 2 hours where they were given the opportunity to learn through role play about different situations which surround bullying. Most importantly our Year 5 children now have the skills and the awareness to take into Year 6 and on to Secondary School.
Thank you for a tremendous day, the children really enjoyed it. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you for all the additional detail and information too. Best Wishes!
Stephen Gillbert MP
St Austell , Newquay
After attending a recent workshop, I must say this seems to me to be a very worthwhile training and educational protect to meet a huge need for our local children. I hope many local schools take part in a opportunity to help our children to 'STAY SAFE!'. I Fully commend this project.
Mylor Bridge Primary
PTA Member
Thank you for coming in to Mylor Bridge school to speak to myself and parents this morning. The workshops certainly sound like they will epuip children socially for the future life (especially helping our Yr6 leavers with the transition). Even if they are not experiencing bullying themselves.
Mawnan Primary
Head Teacher
Thank you for your "Fantastic" input into this years Anti-bullying week. It was very well received and will help our school a great deal Many, many thanks!!
Carclaze Primary
Head Teacher
Thank you for the excellent Stranger Awareness and Anti-bullying workshop recently completed at Charlestown School. Each session was planned with clearly, defined learning objectives which were outlined to the children with clarity. All in all a really successful programme. Thank you.
St Dennis Primary
Head Teacher
“Many thanks for the workshop and associated papers today – the children are really keen to get things up and running as soon as possible..They are really positive! You have taught them strategies to help and support others – and improve our school!”

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