Parents & Carers

Giving parents and carers the confidence and knowledge to effectively support their young people through their growing digital lives.  These sessions can be tailored  for parents and carers with young people of all ages.   The aim of these sessions are to not only allow parents and carers to hear the valuable help and advice we give to young people, but to also gain lots of extra helpful tips on how to keep their loved ones safe online.

Topics Covered.

What your young people are doing online

Understanding digital pressure

Risk management

Things you can do to keep them safe

Setting boundaries

Taking  'digital' control

Being involved

When their digital life ‘Crashes’ (Getting help)

Looking for extra support

Session format: 60min interactive presentation 

This session can be delivered both 'On Location' or 'Virtually' . Both methods are always live and fully interactive for the audience.

Helping young people navigate through their digital journey!